Los Santos Motorcycle Club was incepted in 2009 by a cadre of like minded individuals who had known each other for years prior. Through a myriad of different sub culture circles we found one common passion for motorcycles and traveling that brought us together. After riding together and smashing the Southwest and beyond we became more organized and serious about making the future of our club solidified in the great American tradition of Motorcycle Clubs.

We stay true to the original ideals of American MCs. We believe in brotherhood first, honor, integrity, and respect. We allow only American made bikes into our club. We have high demands for membership. Long days and long nights on and off the road are common practice in our club’s culture. This is not a social, riding, or “drinking” club. We are a 100% American made motorcycle club unwavering in our commitment to keep the message and purpose of American MCs intact.

If you want respect you have to earn respect. Existence is not a precursor for anything. We give what we get.

Ride Fast Forever. Support 1219.